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William Tobin | Parliamentary Candidate | Uxbridge & South Ruislip Constituency

Download the PDF (26 Mbyte) of I'm Standing, the account of my candidacy at the 2019 General Election in the Prime Minister's constituency



French resident William Tobin explains why he’s standing against Boris Johnson in December’s election, but doesn’t want anyone to vote for him

The Cabinet Office estimates we’re 3 million Brits living abroad who are without a say in UK elections and referendums because after 15 years we lose our right to vote. For those of us living in France, like me, or elsewhere in the EU – or planning to – our lives are being churned up by a Brexit decision in which we weren’t allowed to participate. This isn’t fair, this isn’t democratic. The Tories promised to right this wrong in 2015 & 2017, but let us down. The promise is repeated in their 2019 manifesto. Will it be kept if they win?

Even though barred from elections and the 2016 referendum, electoral law does allow me to stand. So I am standing in the Prime Minister’s constituency to highlight the injustice of not having a voice. This is in the long tradition of non-party candidates challenging the serving Prime Minister on more or less serious themes. Along with the Interplanetary Time Lords and their ilk, fellow candidates in Uxbridge & South Ruislip include a woman from Dublin (yes, the Irish can stand!) who is mocking the foibles of the English in general and Boris Johnson in particular, and a Muppet promoting father’s rights and concerned over the prevalence of male suicide.

My platform also highlights the plight of perhaps 2½ million foreign nationals permanently resident in the UK who can’t vote either, yet pay taxes and contribute to society just like everyone else. Finally, I think of 1½ million 16 & 17 year olds. Votes for these emerging adults are clearly on the horizon. They already vote in Scottish and Crown Dependency elections, and are about to in Wales. It is Liberal Democrat, Green, SNP, Alliance and Labour policy to enfranchise them fully.

All of we excluded 7 million have vital interests in Brexit and the UK. Referendums and elections without us simply aren’t legitimate. Like the suffragettes before us, we deserve a say in our lives.

Whether to Brexit or not is the over-riding issue in this election, so I don’t want anyone to vote for me. Zero would be my perfect score (and would gain me a place in the Guinness Book of Records!) Rather, I ask electors throughout the realm to press candidates to pledge to right this electoral injustice. I also ask them to cherish their vote, and on December 12 to cast it mindful of us voiceless 7 million and our future.


Campaign flyer (A5) as being distributed to 47,700 households in Uxbridge & South Ruislip

Photo of the candidate. Another, and another. Campaigning at Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park.

Cartoon by Nono about two of the candidates in Uxbridge & South Ruislip

Poster to print and display yourself (A4)

Campaign flyer in French (A4)

Announcing the result, 4 am Dec 13. Two photos by Monique Hawkins. Mr Johnson satisfied, worried (Tobin in suffragette sash)

Press release, 2019 December 15, "Massive Majority" Quips Candidate with 5 Votes"

Press release, 2021 March 4, "'Encouraging votes-for-life news' says Boris Johnson electoral opponent"

Expenditure and donations full details. Electoral Commission Return of candidate spending, which refers only to the 'regulated period' November 7-December 12

Submission dated 2020 July 22 to the review into the regulation of election finance by the Committee on Standards in Public Life following a sollicitation by its Chair, Lord Evans. Terms of reference.


Campaign Twitter feed @Dont_Vote_Tobin

Email: dontvotetobin @ (Eliminate spaces, which have been added to fool web crawlers)


90-sec video

The 12 candidates standing in the Uxbridge & South Ruislip constituency

Petition to Parliament in 2016, including discussion of the 7 million statistic

Fair Votes Map indicating which candidates support proportional representation

Can I vote? website for foreign nationals in the UK

Europe Street website reporting the complexities of citizens' rights

==>Media Reports

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Promoted by the candidate, William Tobin, 6 rue Saint Louis, 56000 Vannes, France.

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